I find it increasingly annoying that the French press refer to ISIL/Daesh/ Rather spoilt muslim boys who choose to blow themselves up along with a load of innocent civilians as kamikazes. This does great dishonour to the hundreds of honourable Japanese officers,NCO's and ordinary pilots who sacrificed themselves flying through intense anti aircraft fire to try to halt the invasion of Japan . Japanese pilots flew both conventional aircraft and "Oka" flying bombs against US carriers, most never survived long enough to hit their target. They were waved off by their compatriots who knew that what they were doing was to try to emulate the "kamikaze" - the sacred wave which destroyed the Mongol invasion of Japan. Daesh"kamikaze" dishonour themselves, Islam and the brave sons of Japan.

Such a pity then David that certain Japanese army members didn't emulate the honourable actions of the kamikazes when systematically torturing enemy POWs or fellow combattants. The beheading and torture of allied soldiers was as disgusting as anything ISIL/Daesh have been carrying out, maybe even worse !

I also wonder what the difference between

1. A soldier of japan brainwashed into believing that taking his own life in an act of suicide was a noble and just thing to do


2. A soldier of any fundamentalist movement brainwashed into believing that taking his own life in an act of suicide was a noble and just thing to do.

Whilst we may not agree with the actions taken by these people let us not forget that many of them are young men and women from broken homes that have been sold a dream and promised the earth, and when everything else in the western world has failed them it is easy to see how they get taken in by these things.

do not think for a second that i am an apologist or supporter for these people but i do think if we took a step back and reflected for a moment on why these places are such an attractive place for those who have nothing we may be surprised at how close to home the blame for their departure truly lies

What a strange topic to describe Kamikazes as honorable and Daesh suicide bombers as 'spoilt muslim boys' is ridiculous. First many Kamikazes were forced into flying and has no choice and second from what i've read of the Brussels cell the 'muslim boys' came from vey poor backgrounds and had a history of violent crime and jail.

Either way suicide actions as a strategy is immoral and unjustified in any civilised society.

You don't have to be rich to be spoilt. The Belgian/French terrorists may well have been brought up in poor families but as I've seen from personal experience women and especially mothers don't have much of a say. Many Muslim boys are spoilt by being allowed to do more or less what they want as long as Papa sees them going to the mosque. So easy for them then to fall into petty crime and go on to greater things.