Hi All

Are there any Kayakers out there that could give me some advice please. I enjoy endurance sport but my knees are stuffed for running and biking, so am thinking about kayaks. I haven't been in one for many years but fancy a challenge and am thinking about the loire source to estuary next spring, having cycled the route over 4 days in the early 80's.

What I would like to know is what should I be looking for in a Kayak? I need to be able to carry camping equipment and need an element of comfort. I have no idea of what materials are used, the best size for a 1.85 metre person etc.

I haven't started looking in the shops as yet because I want to go in with some thoughts rather than being led by a commission orientated sales person (cynical I know)

All help will be much appreciated

Thanks John

Try asking on the Kayak Dordogne group - they’re obviously all out at the moment!