Keeping car documents in or out

Good evening I have been instructed not to keep Cart Greise (? Spelling sorry ).or insurance info in car . Then I’m told by someone else that I should so am wondering what is correct thanks.

A photocopy of the CG and green card in the glovebox is sufficient Kazz.

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Decide for yourself read the paragraph la voiture n’est pas un coffre fort

The useful link you have provided does not, in my view, exonerate the owner from carrying those documents.
It just outlines the precautions to take - to keep the documents on your person as opposed to leaving them in the car with keys and other means of identification.
As @John_Scully has said, photocopies (because of the difficulties associated with obtaining replacements, particularly of the Carte Grise) are generally seen as acceptable but that might not be the case with UK Police (I note the OP is intending to drive to the Ferry in a different post today) but the general advice does not change… keep those documents too on your person, not in an unattended car since they too contain the information sought by thieves.
You must also keep your Driving Licence with you whilst driving in France.

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wasn’t the question about keeping documents in the car?

So please explain how my response does not answer the question posed by the OP :roll_eyes:


Its a simple yes no answer that is needed nothing more.

You should not keep originals or copies of your papers in your car for reasons stated above.

However, John Scully is not correct. If stopped you should have originals, and depending on the gendarme a photocopy will cost you a fine of 38€. However you can carry copies if you have had them certified, eg at your marie. References below:


I made a mistake and forgot to change to the new certificate in the car and on the screen some years back. In a check only 2 kms from home (was not allowed to go and fetch them) I was told that everything would be OK if I produced them at the Brigade next day. I did so, first thing in the morning and they were noted politely by the same gendarme. A week later I got the fine notification of €35. :rage:


I don’t disagree entirely @JaneJones but I understood that a fine is more likely if you have no documents (originals or photocopies) immediately available but, in all reasonableness, (unless the Gendarme is having a really bad day) a simple explanation as to why the photocopies would likely satisfy all but the most pedantic.

Well, that’s been an interesting read…I’d no idea that about authorized copies being acceptable.

I think we’ll ask the Mairie to “authorize” a copy of our Carte Grises to replace the originals we usually carry with us when out in the cars. (I fret about such docs going astray…)
EDIT: Mind you, it will possibly still depend on whether or not the Agent is having a bad-day… so we’ll only “risk it” for certain, over-crowded car events (when pickpockets etc are sometimes rife…)… not just when going shopping.


I agree @Stella it goes to show how much more useful a discussion forum is as opposed to just giving a yes no answer :wink:
I think I’ve pointed it out before, but if you are looking for forums that follow that style of content, Stack Exchange is a useful go-to place.


Actually, I couldn’t… for the life of me… see how Yes or No was a useful answer to the OP’s question, but didn’t like to say so… :wink:


Adding extra information just avoids people doing the research for themselves.

Surely, there is no shame in asking a question on a Forum like SF to seek clarifications - if that were not the case, there would be no need for SF and that would be a considerable loss.


Hmmm… I think one has to decide whether one prefers a leisurely dinner party, chatting with ones neighbours in between courses… or the “no-messing-about” fast-food outlets or takeaways… :rofl:

the latter of course being generally regarded as bad for your health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slightly_smiling_face:

But is it worth risking 38€? I would say that pedantry is the most common condition of a gendarme!

Until OH gets his French licence we are still carrying the Ministry of the Interior statement to show his UK licence is still legal!

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OTOH what cost the anxiety of replacing vital documents if you prefer not to carry them on your person… These things can be seen as relative, according to your point of view…

There is a lot of “man in bar” advice being pedaled on this subject so let’s get this right.

Photocopies are NOT legally acceptable at a roadside check even if your mairie has scribbled on it!

A gendarme who may be feeling generous might let it slide but that is up to the individual concerned.

Photocopies are only permitted for rental cars.

The decision to leave the papers in the car when you are not using it is up to you. Should the car be stolen the carte grise is not proof of ownership & it cannot be sold or transferred without action from the person named on the carte grise. particularly if it has been reported stolen.

In case people have not read Jane’s post above, this is from the horse’s mouth -