Keeping in touch

As the days since Maisy's birth roll on, I'm finally finding time to catch up with people & all the little jobs on my list. One was to send out the birth announcement, as most of my friends & family are facebookers this was a pretty easy task & over 100 people were informed of our new little bundle within minutes. I then sent an email to my other friends who are non-facebookers and texted everyone in my phone (except the vets).

In the old days we would have printed formal announcements, put announcements in the press or sent carrier pigeons. Today it's all done electronically...well except of course for the village annoucement which went by telephone call to my lovely neighbour Marie and no doubt was passed on within minutes to everyone in our local epicerie, boulangerie, cafe, Mairie, foyer au troisieme age...etc it's good to hear that word of mouth can work just as efficiently as facebook in our little french village.

Being in London for a fair while now I actually feel a little isolated and I know my 2 year old is feeling the same. When can we go to Izzy & Jasmine's house mummy? When can we go back to France? We have seen more of our friends from Uni & past work/social groups since we've been here but it's funny how living in the capital city of England I have less face to face communication with friends than in my rural village in France. I miss my friends, I know the girls do too it will be great when Maisy's passport comes and we can go home to see everyone, especially our little ginger friend Stanley le chat.

Often on SFN people cite missing their family/friends at home in the UK/elsewhere as one of the things they find difficult about life in France, for us its the opposite, people came to see us more in France than in London (with the exception of my mum) so I can't wait to get back and of course to see our friends in our community that we love so much. However, given the current economic situation which is pretty dire, I know how important it is for my hubby to keep his work whilst he has it so I won't whinge and I'm not unrealistic about our life back there, without any money it would be hard so for now I will communicate by electronic means with my friends and look forward to when we can meet again face to face. After all there is nothing like giving an friend a big genuine hug, virtual hugs just don't come close.

Congratulations to you all. Hopefully it won't be too long before you can take Maisie to France and introduce her to the village. Take care.