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We have lived in France since 2016 and obtained our Carte Vitale and residencies when we registered as Auto Entrepreneurs (running gite business). I am considering selling the house and gite and downsizing which may mean no gite and therefore business. What would our status be with regards to the Carte Vitale? Am I wrong in thinking once you have the CV you keep it? Also not quite of pensionable age but do not want to register as unemployed. Would any benefits we currently get from CPAM be effected if we were not AE’s? Finally if I waited until I was of pensionable age if I had/have the CV would I then just keep it if I did not want to run a business anymore? My wife is currently classed as my Assistant would she still be OK if we gave up being AE’s? I do not want to anything hasty and jepardise what we currently have so has anyone else done this already and managed to ‘SURVIVE’?

If you change to “inactifs” then your CV will just be updated to reflect this, with a different code gestion probably 11 or 12. You have the right to continuous and uninterrupted healthcare, despite your change in circumstances. So, instead of paying cotisations through your AE, you will be billed annually by URSAFf for the cotisation subsidiaire maladie.

The calculation is done from your tax return, and has no doubt changed since we did it, but a ball park is 6.5% of your income above about €20k. Here:


Thank you the link appears to help. The calculation is not easy to figure but if you are correct with the 6.5% over 20k Euros it is not so bad. I understand that once I receive a pension from the UK or wherever, I am no longer liable to make payments. My wife would still not be of pensionable age so can I assume that she would still be liable? She is actually caring for our disabled daughter as a ‘full-time’ carer at home so would this negate her requirement to make contributions? We do plan to contact CPAM but it would be useful to be armed with some knowledge before we open the ‘can of worms’…

Once you reach UK State pension age you apply for an S1 for yourself, and one for your wife as your dependent. Once registered with CPAM you become exempt for all but the 7.5% prélèvement solidaire.

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