Ken Clarke caught discussing Tory 'fiasco'!

...which means she won't stand much messing about from the self indulgent preening pigs that make up most of her current colleague set.

Good on yer Ken. A great pity he is retiring at the next election.

Exactly - it's in effect a compliment because it means she ain't no pushover. Mind you, if that means driving through some policy or other simply because she wants it that could be a little different. Love the comment about Gove going to war with three countries at once. I know there's a bit of a hoo-ha that this was released but it's a handy little insight as to how candidates behave when not adopting the fake smile for the camera persona.

The making of a new TV series perhaps... the Malcolm and Ken show

Reminds me of the the two old fogies in the balcony of the Muppet show

I had a really good laugh at that. Some say they knew perfectly well that they were still being recorded but I'm not so sure.

Ken Clarke's an old pro at this, he's done it long enough - they're sitting in a studio full of mics so the chances are very slim that not one of them would be switched on.