Keys in hand

(David Horsfall) #6

Let’s just say it has mains water and electric (although electric needs to be reconnected) but the roof is water tight

(Simon Armstrong) #7

Brilliant! Well done and enjoy the adventure!!

(Helen Wright) #8

Huge Congratulations to you both…! x :slight_smile:

(Paul Flinders) #9

Wow, looks like you’re going to have fun!!

(Bill Morgan) #10

Good Luck Both, hope it works out as well as it has for me
Btw, this was worse than yours, roll the sleeves up, All the Best :+1:

(Véronique Langlands) #11

Have fun!

(Ann Coe) #12

Congratulations, the start of a great adventure. At least you have working electricity and a ‘dry roof’ :wink:
The first house we bought in France had been empty for 50 years and used by the ‘family’ as a dump for all their unwanted items. Old clothes, matresses, oil drums, barbed wire etc; we knew ( a little) what would be facing us and had a lot of hard work just clearing out and cleaning a space to put down a blow up matress. Lived with candles and camping gas (and no furniture) for a while, no washing machine for a year, no bathroom for almost the same time. What an exciting time though, and what a sense of acheivement too when we had made ‘our space’.
Live your dream, enjoy life but above all make some you time too :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #13

Truly inspirational stuff, @AnnCoe, and from other contributors too. Makes me wish we could start all over again, or perhaps not… :scream::grin:

Good luck and good health to the doughty newcomers, soyez les bienvenues !

(Helen Wright) #14

Two years later I’ve still got the blow up bed…love it…really comfy…x :slight_smile:

(David Martin) #15

The good old days.

They still come to visit whenever possible 22 years on. Two out of the three are coming before the end of the month, the third after he returns from Australia in August.

PS The same ladder, wheelbarrow and toilet were used today.

(Bill Morgan) #16

Looks very like ours Dave, it was a cowshed, your ladder’s a bit posh, ours was knocked together with bits of ancient, wormy wood, hard to imagine those kids now, late twenties, where does the time go :slightly_smiling_face:

(John Withall) #17

Bloody Luxury! Our shoe box int middle of road, was we poor, but we was happy

(David Martin) #18

I’d love to see the photos.

(Ann Coe) #19

Wow, must have been hard with 3 young children to think of as well !
Hope that the toilet isn’t still behind your ladder though David ! :grin:
Enjoy your time with the family when they arrive, hope the sun shines for you all :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #20

Ours gave up the ghost, too many nights on chipped clay tiles didn’t help. We bought an old second hand sofa bed, it was bliss to be off the floor and away from the rats and spiders …:rat::rat::spider::spider::spider::spider_web::spider_web:

(stella wood) #21

During our time on the blow-up mattress… I heard death watch beetle in the timbers of the cellar beneath us… drove me mad until I identified it and “dealt” with it…:wink:

(Bill Morgan) #22

Amazing what a racket they can make, only had one once, good ole’ Super U Cobra convinced it, it wern’t welcome 'ere :grin:

(David Martin) #23

The toilet isn’t even against the same wall. The children were never a problem and we made sure that we did plenty for them as well. The youngest once arrived while we were tiling the kitchen and said, I know that you don’t want to be disturbed but, you know the thing we sit under, it’s moved. The gazebo in the garden had blown away.

(Andy Boyd) #24

Welcome to the club

(Bill Morgan) #25