Keys in hand

(stella wood) #21

During our time on the blow-up mattress… I heard death watch beetle in the timbers of the cellar beneath us… drove me mad until I identified it and “dealt” with it…:wink:

(Bill Morgan) #22

Amazing what a racket they can make, only had one once, good ole’ Super U Cobra convinced it, it wern’t welcome 'ere :grin:

(David Martin) #23

The toilet isn’t even against the same wall. The children were never a problem and we made sure that we did plenty for them as well. The youngest once arrived while we were tiling the kitchen and said, I know that you don’t want to be disturbed but, you know the thing we sit under, it’s moved. The gazebo in the garden had blown away.

(Andy Boyd) #24

Welcome to the club

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(David Horsfall) #26

So we have just completed a month at our house -:slight_smile: and a great time we had too. Lots more work done with a visit to the Mairie Office, Architect and the SPANC Office. So the fear started with knowing we had to go to see all of them with very very little French in our vocabulary and of course hearing the odd horror story.
WOW:- The Mairie secretary could not have been more helpful, she helped fill out some documents and explained what we needed to do next and if we had an issue to come and see her or call her. A lovely lady and put us ease with all the bureaucracy that is to be expected.
Then a trip tp the SPANC Office -:frowning: NOOOOOOOO we thought , but, she was a great help, explained all that needed doing and again helped us with the forms and told us not to hesitate to contact the office at anytime.
The architect, a superb French gentleman who could not speak English, but we arranged a site visit and he understood what we wanted. Two days later the drawings were done and with a couple of changes he produced a file for us to give to the Mairie Office.

All in all a satisfying trip and thankful for all the help from the above mentioned.
Yes it’s scary and lots of paperwork but we know have a file in with the Mairie for our renovation, a plumber / builder arranged to come and fit the Fosse Septic .

(Bill Morgan) #27

Great start D’, bravo :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ann Coe) #28

First step is always the hardest.
Enjoy yourselves and don’t get too overloaded with work. Cheers :clinking_glasses:

(Roger Camp) #29

Brilliant, well done and enjoy.