Kids at college - attestation

Help! My son at college needs an attestation for tomorrow and according to thier website we can only get it from Pronote and I have lost my log in!

Has anyone got a link to a general form we can use for the morning for collegians??? @vero ???

Haven’t got a general one, our daughter’s collège have sent her’s this morning and I’ve just printed it off. Our son’s collège haven’t done anything (small private collège) but as far as I understand it, as long as the child has their cahier de correspondance with them that’s proof that they’re at a particular school/collège/lycée and will suffice whilst waiting to sort out an attestation. We’re not worried about numer 2 tomorrow, will drop him off for the bus as normal and hope he’ll have been given something by the time we pick him up in the evening :wink:

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Or, of course, there’s always the attestation specific for schools but you need to get the collège to stamp and sign it too…

30-10-2020-justificatif-de-deplacement-scolaire.pdf (54.2 KB)

Andrew, thank you soooo much! We had spent an hour looking for our stupid Pronote logins (given on 2 tiny bits of paper!). Have now printed off the one you gave me and can sit down and relax and the teen is no longer stressed! Thanks a million xx

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Sorry Tory, only just seen this! Have you bookmarked or otherwise safeguarded your pronote login? :wink:

That was the problem, it usually just lets me sign in and it seems to have forgotten me! I’m sure the paper is somewhere!