Kindle advice please

Need Kindle advice please…if I buy a Kindle in the UK and register it to a UK address can I download books in France? And can I access internet on a 3G Kindle? What’s the benefits of having a 3G Kindle over a normal one? Hoping Father Christmas will be kind and bring me one but thought he might need a few pointers on getting the right one!

Yes. Simple answer yes.

Yes you can download books in France if you have your kindle registered to a UK address, in fact that is what I have done.

It means that you get the english rather than american editions of books.

I think that if you have the 3 G version you can download books anywhere where wi-fi is available, as well as from your computer.

Hello everyone I'm new to the site and saw this, a bit late I know, but the short answer is yes. Also you don't need 3G just the standard internet access be close to wifi and there you go, if you like McDonalds coffee you've cracked it. We still live in GB but caravan round Europe mostly France, what I have done is pre buy books and if I require them just go to the Amazon Kindle site via wifi it's an automatic download. Another practical aspect is, as wife did, forget to switch on Kindle after buying books for Valkenburg holiday in December. All we did is straight to cafe with wifi switch on kindle, sign in and lo and behold - books.

I bought my kindle in the UK and it is registered to my daughter's address. I download books off and also Project Gutenberg, free classics.

After all, especially if you have a 3G, you could be on holiday anywhere and want to download your books or newspapers if you subscribe.

I only have the basic model and if I know I am going to be away, I make sure that I have plenty of reading material already downloaded.

Good luck with Santa Claus.

Hi Nicci, cant remember the answer but I am fairly certain its is yes, however there was a long discussion on it on Anglo Info Brittany site with the answers, if you search there I’m sure you will find them.