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The only thing I don't like about the Kindle is the inability to organise content the way I want it to be. At the moment I've got 249 items and they seem to be all over the place.

But now there is a great free app to download from

Takes the frustration out of trying to keep content where you want it. :)

Congratulations! I've just downloaded this one:Rosie's War: An Englishwoman's escape from occupied France. It looks like a really good read and is currently on offer at 99p.

This link will show you the current top-selling paid ebooks on, and next to it is a list of the top 100 free ebooks. There are some tremendous bargains to be had.

Happy reading. :)

Thanks for that! I got a Kindle for Christmas and I am busy working out what I want on it! Being able to organise what I have, how I want it organised will be a huge bonus. Thank you!

Hi Tracy

Sorry for delayed reply, but we've had Internet problems.

Yes, it does work. What you do is register a new device to your Amazon account under Settings, Manage your Kindle, Register a Kindle (you can have up to 7 devices registered to your account). You add the Kindle/iPod/iPhone/tablet to your account (you'll need the serial number of each device), and they will show up under Your Devices. When you then buy a book, you can choose which device you want it delivered to. For example, I bought one for my husband a couple of days ago, and selected his Kindle for delivery. Now if I want it on my Kindle, I'll go back into My Kindle Library, select the title, and under "Actions" ask for it to be send to my Kindle. Then it will be removed from his Kindle and sent to mine.

So only one of the registered devices on your account can read it at any one time, but you can keep switching it between them. The book can only be sent to one of the devices registered to your account; you can email it or transfer it any other way that I know of to any other account, because the ebook is linked directly to the serial number of the device to which you sent it.

I don't know how the Goodreads sharing thing works, so can't help there, I'm afraid.

I hope that helps. :)


I have now downloaded it and am using it. It certainly makes content much clearer - I now have folders for certain authors.

Hi Suzie,

Have you actually tried this? I ask because the comments section implies it is not possible without de-registering your own Kindle.

Interesting for me since I mainly read sociology, politics, economics and such exhilarating things for work and have a voracious appetite for fiction when the day grows late. In the former instance Kindle cannot work since to have several books there in front on you with paper tags sticking out where the material you need is and memory says which book when and roughly speaking which tag is possibly the only way many of us can work. I have used books on line on academic sites for quite some years and the only way of doing that is to learn how to (mostly not entirely legally) copy and paste as a file then print out pertinent bits to have on paper, although lifting actual citations directly from file for writing purposes. The latter is very different given that with my reading appetite I would need a large house just for books by this stage in my life, so Kindle and its ilk have some advantages. No more giving away or losing books and having to find all over again when a download will quickly deal with that. However, my answer is that because of the former point alone it is hardly likely that paper books will ever cease to exist.

The Kindle is an awesome thing. My wife reads loads of books and bought the Kindle about a year ago. She now buys Kindle books every month. She recently went to the UK and bought a paperback, but while reading it in bed, kept commenting that she wished it was on Kindle as it is much easier to read!

She has also written a couple of books for Kindle, and really enjoyed the experience. She even went as far as writing blogs for her books, one of them is here It is a true life romantic adventure and after reading it one can see why she ended up living in rural France.

PS Don't forget that there are thousands of free-books you can download from sites like Just Google "free ebooks" and you'll be spoilt for choice. :)

Hi Dilys

You can "share" your Kindle books with up to 5, other people if you register their devices to your Kindle account. So you could for example share with a husband, mother, best friend by having their Kindles registered to your Kindle account on Amazon. This article explains how to do so:

Also there is a group at Goodreads who have set up a means of sharing between members:

Enjoy your Kindle. :)


Thanks -have just got a "Kindle" and am still learning my way around it!

I am new to this group and was wondering if other members with Kindles share their books as I understand you can lend them to a numer of other kindle users - I have not checked exactly how this is done yet.

Kindest Regards to everyone in the group


Hope you'll find it useful, Sarah.

I agree with you about organising content. This app looks very interesting, thanks for the heads up.