Kitchen extractor hood

Since the house is starting to be less hovel and more house now, and I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas but a fitted kitchen, I have yet another question to all the knowledgeable people out there: I have a six ring range cooker, and the question is: in a very old house which is currently still on a branchement provisoire, does a renovation need a cooker hood/ extractor fan? Or does that apply only to new builds? Our ceilings are 210cm, and it would look monstrous…

I would be tempted to add an extractor fan for the smells they remove but also the humidity if you can vent to the outside.

The glass type may appear less huge with the low ceiling.

The current trend is the built into the worktop type - it means you won’t have anything above.


It would be interesting to know how effective they are.

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I can’t talk from experience but of course the adverts look very impressive :slight_smile:

I was dubious of an overboiling pan of water flooding into one so didn’t buy one.

Very, because of the proximity to the actual point rather than feet above. We fitted one for a customer, it came from B&Q at a good price, there may well be better ones but that did the job

You ought to consider fitting a VMC, ideally double flux. It sorts out your kitchen problems but also keeps WCs & bathrooms fresh & dry. No need for a cooker hood.


Are they powerful enough?

Yes, they can be boosted to a higher speed when required. Some also automatically detect a rise in humidity level & speed up automatically.

I had an early VMC in a house back in the UK - built in 1985 it had underfloor heating and a form of VMC as it was almost sealed (no windows opened to the outside). You could tell when it had been off for more than a few hours
The local kids knew it as the telly tubbies house :slight_smile:

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Does this vent externally or is it a recirculating with a filter?

The one we fitted vented externally but the popular built into island units so those recirculate.
Just to add it was around 9-10 years ago from memory so some things may have changed.

This is exactly what we have in the kitchen, as well as a manual boost via a switch. It does work very well unless you burn something, when opening windows is required. Don’t burn things very often … honestly.

Fit a VMC if possible for maximum extraction, but even the hoods that just contain the charcoal filters do a good job of removing cooking smells.