Kitten experiments at Cardiff University

Just wondering what opinion of this morning’s report is?

Yes, I know it is an emotive subject, and I am bound to be biased, I’ve even discussed the subject with my OH who has diabetes, taking injections 4 times a day, and agrees with humane types of research into how things can improve human health, but not like this !

I have to agree with one lady, whose comments are - “The human race is so arrogant that we place ourselves as worth more than other animals. I don’t know of other species which abuses its young, starts wars, sells drugs to the weak and desperate, and mutilate other creatures just because they can. Oh yes we are so superior aren't we .I know many animals who could teach us about honour, decency, loyalty and love”

Here are a few links to the subject, I have found it hard to find anyone in favour, I try to keep an open mind on most things but have difficulty here and wonder what your thoughts are.

Thanks Julie,

I will look it up, I have read 'The wild road' by Gabriel King, which is a fiction based on stray cats and one escaped from experimention. It is a good read.

Again I agree Lynn - it is extremely sad, it's shamful.

Somewhere in the media (I'm sorry I can't remember where now) it was said that there were other ways they could have done these tests ... it wasn't necessary to put those poor little mites through such hell.

Haven't had the guts to read it Lynn but I can imagine. What drives me sooooo mad is that time after time it has been proved that experimenting on animals is extraordinarily unreliable as they react in a completely different way to humans. I remember a dog of ours having a drug that contained high levels of arsenic - there were warnings all over the box. But it made her better. Testing things on mice - I ask you. They give them huge amounts of sugar that would be the equivalent of us eating two or three years worth in one go!!!! WHY??? It all just defeats me.

I can't help thinking that, with the technology we have developed, there must be other ways, surely?

and reports say that animal experiments are rising year on year. It is a sad reflection on human society.

Absolutely,completely and utterly appalling ... I'm at a total loss to understand how on earth 'civilised' people can do such horrendous things to defenceless young animals. I also totally agree with the lady's comments Lynn.