Kitties need a good home!

Hello All,

We're based near Quillan and spend all our holidays here. I arrived in mid July and on one of my runs I came across a litter of abandoned kittens. 4 of them. I started to feed them each day but then in mid August I found they had been injured; bitten by something and one was doused in petrol so I immediately brought them back home. One of the kittens was not found so I'm assuming the worst.

I have had them treated at the vets in Couiza and one that was badly injured has had veternary treatment but has lost some sight, some hearing and some common sense too! They have all had both their vaccinations and have worming/defeaing treatment each month. They are adorable and I want to keep all of them but have to return to the UK in early November so need to get them rehomed. I was supposed to return to the UK at the end of August but the kittens have delayed my return.

I have invested a great deal of time, money and emotion in looking after these 3 characters and would dearly like to find really caring homes where they can have access inside with plenty of love and care. It would be great if they could all go together but I know this will be difficult. Lucky, the one with reduced vision and hearing really needs to go with one of the others, preferably Tom who can look after him as he really needs an enclosed garden space.

Sootie is all black and she was the runt of the litter who is now fighting fit. We are already taking one other kitten we found back on a different occasion, back to the UK with us. I know, it's madness! We've kept cats for the past 30 years and and our last one died at age 25 years afterwhich we said no more! Now we have 4!

They are approx 4-5 months old and not yet neutered as the vet says 6 months is the best age.

We are very happy to have them back during our holidays here (roughly extended UK school holidays) if that helps.

i'll try to attach a poster with photos

Visits to see them are welcome. Thanks in anticipation


PS 6 months is too late for sterilisation as they can start to reproduce at 4 months and may even already be pregant, so please read this too!!

Sounds like you've done a great job Eva, but PLEASE read this

it is illegal to rehome cats or kittens without them being identified, preferably by microchip and at their age, they need to be sterilised too.

best of luck