Kitty has disappeared

Kitty (our dog) has disappeared! She never goes far from the house and is always close enough to hear me when I call or come with me when I go out. She left late yesterday afternoon. We have searched the local area and keep popping back to our old house in case she turns up there. She lives outside so I left her heat lamp on last night in case she returned through the night but this morning there was just an empty very cosy bed. If anyone sees her in the Condom / Valence Sur Baise or surrounding areas please can they let me know 06 42 13 05 11. For those of you who don't know her she is a very friendly black and white (with a few small tan patches) spaniel cross dog. I am in the process of putting a notice on chien-perdu but if you know of any other places please do let me know. I will be doing a round of the vets / gendarmerie today also. She is microchipped and I have put a notification with a picture on Chien perdu

So glad she's back safe and sound Ciara x

Hi all and thank you,

Sorry for the late reply! I didn't realise anyone had responded and thought I had left success notices everywhere that I had posted - obviously not.... I received a phone call from the vets yesterday as someone had handed her in safe and sound. I am still unsure of where she got to or where she was picked up as the receptionist had changed when I got there.

I don't think she enjoyed the experience too much as she has stayed close by ever since :-)

Thanks once again,


We lost our dog for a few hours yesterday and I'm still getting over the panicky sick feeling. Good luck, Ciara.

The link to the photo says the pics been taken down

Tweeted this for you. I'd post it in the dog group too and ask everyone there to do the same. Fingers crossed xx