Know any good camp sites?

In the UK we spent as many weekends as possible camping, weather permitting and a fair few where the weather didn't permit but we went anyway. We did live in the lake district after all!

I am ashamed to say that since moving to France over 2 years ago we have yet to camp here. The summer weather is far too hot and it's much more comfortable at home with the Air con than it ever could be under canvas. However now it's cooled down to a more comfortable temperature we're thinking of taking the plunge.

Does anyone know of or can recommend a good campsite. We are 3.30 hrs from the med, Perpignan/Narbone, the closest point and 2.20 hrs from Bayonne and are happy to drive to either coast. We would really like a site that's near a small town and next to the beach that we can take our dogs to. Also, i know it's picky but we really don't want a big flash all singing and dancing campsite, just a nice, clean site with good facilities. What my OH calls 'a proper campsite'. Any idea's?

Thanks Michael, we actually found a really nice campsite that we’ve visited 3 times now. It’s at Molliets Plage and right on the beach.
The dogs love it and so does the daughter and her friend as it has an indoor pool and surfing on the beach.

No replies ... Having doubts about this website ... I was going to post the same question but seeing as you have not had much response maybe not. Great campsite just down the way from you ... Just before Collioure,, cannot remeber the name ... you can walk along cliffs to Collioure and see people snorkelling down below. Great campsite near Lac Salvetat very low key and friendly