La célébration du 8 mai

Around 11am Sunday, we shall be gathering at our War Memorial for a short, solemn ceremony. I’m wondering if Aperos will be on offer afterwards, as was usual before covid turned everything topsy-turvy.

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We have been invited to a "drink of friendship " at our local beauty spot.

Amazing idea



Our ceremony went very well, despite one or two initial hiccups (like no-one telling me that the clock at the Mairie had stopped!!
I thought there was plenty of time, until I twigged that it was still “only 10am”…
Phew, in reality 10.46am… so a very quick trot home to fetch my camera and another to manhandle a large pot of flowers up to the entrance of the monument… (to be discretely collected by an Adjoint “in passing”)

As always, a moving ceremony and (as always) I weep inside on hearing so many sons and daughters of our local families… … “mort pour la France”.
The discourse was thoughtful and not too long… and, this time, the microphone worked … hurrah
Music and singing rang out; flags were carefully raised and lowered.
I almost know the partisan song right through, but not quite, and I hoped no-one noticed when I stopped singing…
Afterwards as we disassembled the sono, folk gathered to chat.
The reduced attendance numbers had been duly noted and I was asked…
Where are all the Brits?
I know one or two were ill/away but for any others… who knows… I don’t keep a list.
Where are all the French I gently asked… to which they had no answer…

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There’s the giant annual brocante in the next village this weekend which causes traffic havoc and has meant this year that I can’t actually get away from my house by car, as various roads are closed/made one way for the event and the traffic is ghastly.

that’s probably where all our lot have gone… they’ve either got there or they’re stuck on the roads… :roll_eyes: