La Maison des artistes new changes 2019

Hi Having got myself all geared up for joining the Maison des Artistes I now hear from a friend that it is going to change its rules dramatically! Can any one enlighten me? I have booked a meeting with URSAFF and would like to be fully prepared. Apparently the changes will happen in 2019.
Thanks in advance
Fiona McClean

I’m wondering what your Friend has heard… and where from… ??? why not ask your Friend… :thinking:

Google will be your friend. I hadn’t heard anything about it but a quick google seach on maison des artistes changements 2019 brought up what looks like loads and loads of info, starting with this that came up top of the list and explains the background and the whys and wherefores

and this that seems to explain the practical side of what will actually be done differently

must admit I haven’t read them since I’m not under MdA.

Happy reading, and when you’ve got to the bottom of it, you might like to come back and post a summary on the forum. I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by other forum readers who might be affected.


Hi Unfortunately my friend did not have a clue!

Le sam. 8 déc. 2018 à 15:13, Anna Watson a écrit :

Oh my… it is always a little unsettling (in my opinion) when someone throws a little detail into the conversation… just enough to get the anxiety twitching… and then they are unable to clarify… I expect we all have friends like that… :wink::wink::wink::roll_eyes:

Thanks Anna!

Will get back to the site when I have more info. Might take a while as my french is poor even mr google doesn’t help too when complicated but I will take the info to my bilingual french friend.

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