La Redoute apologise for nude man photo

Visitors to the popular French mail order catalogue La Redoute's online store were exposed to a rather bizarre image of four kids running up a beach, whilst a nude bloke saunters around in the water behind them.

"We're aware that this may have offended some web users," La Redoute said, ensuring that they would "reinforce the validation process for all marketing so that this does not happen again".

As a photographer I find it difficult to believe that this wasn't an intentional, perhaps misguided, marketing exercise!

The man has yet to be identified.

Not quite sure how pedophiles will re-use this photo to further thier cause, they are already mentally ill you can't catch pedophilia by looking at photos, which leads me to believe you are just scaremongering,I spent 15 years as a qualified social worker and not once did a pedophile try to justify his or her acts using photos showing nude adults. Oh and don't go to the beach this summer you are likely to be offended by all the nudity.

where's photoshop when you really need it??

Hahahaha!!! Oh My God!! LOL

On a more serious note, it's a great photo of the kids.

Wish I looked like that in the nude!! I feel inadequte now :D

The laughing could be ego deflating. {snark off}

could it all be a bit of Benetton style advertising I wonder...!

Good publicity for La Redoute, great when retail sales are down !

i too saw the advert on the La Redoute website. It reminded me to buy some more carrots and tomatoes when go shopping !

I dunno, I once filmed an entire interview with a chef in his kitchen and it was only at the edit we spotted he had a ruddy great girly topless calendar nicely in focus on the wall behind him. Sometimes when looking down a lens you dont see what you really ought to

It certainly made the kids laugh !


He’s quite difficult to see. I suppose a clothing company shouldn’t be promoting nudity.

OK, it may be entirely a balls up, to put it succinctly, but those of us who have ever worked with pedophilia will tell you how quickly people of that orientation will pick it up as an 'icon' and re-use it to prove their point. To me it says that there are underinformed people at La Redoute who need to be somewhat 'educated' about such sensibilities.