La Reole/Marmande area

Good morning - I am new to SFN (please be gentle) and relatively new to France. I am just starting to find my feet now that the summer visitor traffic had started to fade and my husband has started travelling again. School is proving challenging to say the least and the amount of work on the house is daunting. Nevertheless I am really enjoying myself and not missing our old life in Dubai (16 years in the desert!) although I am missing my friends. I guess that none of this is news to anyone - having been lurking for a couple of weeks I can tell that this forum is a coming together of some really strong (amazing in some cases) and I do hope to eventually come out of the proverbial stationery cupboard and join in.

In the meantime if anyone has any gems of information on the area that we now call home I would be eternally grateful. Anything from doctors and dentists, boarding kennels and meet-ups, courses and shopping, french lessons and life in general.

Thanks in advance!

Shona. x