"Labour is the new hobby for the idle rich ... if they're not in the Dordogne"

Giles Coreen in The Times 23rd Jan 2016 says, "Corbyn’s revolution is a Woosterish indulgence for Islington millionaires. They’ll join any protest, if they’re not in the Dordogne." Is there any truth in this, all you who live in the Dordogne? There are many contributors on SFN who live in the BLBM Triangle (Bdx, Limoges, Brive, Montauban).

I am sure that Captain Jeremy would be welcomed here in central Brittany, last bastion of communism. I see he's already made a footing in Calais. This is a leadership story that just won't go away. They've even messed about with the supposedly independent report on what went wrong for Labour. I'm almost sorry for my socialist friends, they are all so busy bitching in house, hardly any time for credible policies. The message has not been understood.![](upload://dKIwDbE7QuqwwDbMcex0tdorzw2.jpg)

Neither credible governing party nor opposition. How about... No, not them either.

David, so it’s you who is responsible for the fact that we have no credible opposition?

I'm not a millionaire, I've only been to Islington once. I live in Gironde. I voted for Corbyn because I wanted to give the Blairites a kick up the arse.

What a load of bow locks! Giles Coren is like his father Alan, a revolting specimen of a particular class of people who treat anything and anybody who does not read The Times, go to particular universities, eat in specific restaurants with five stars or higher rating and read their blather as peasants. So pal, but the peasants in Islington no longer vote Labour, nor do the millionaires, they don't bother with anybody including boss Roop's chosen ones.