Lack of control? False economy or just a way out?

Having experinced some horrific attitudes and nonchalonse with London surgery staff and then witnessing neglect, bad management which lead to despair....I can say that I believe that the NHS has fallen into it's own trap. By shedding responsabilities and diluiting the formular by contracting

outsiders to provide nurses, meals and cleansing hospitals the begining of self distruction. Unfortunately with this came the circus act of life and death....on a stories going

back to the nineties show the sadest reality known to man. The trueth about those precious last

moments of life of a dying, often elderly person clutching with every last fragment of energy at their dignity..taking a last look at their life and loved ones as they slowly drift towards death.

To the dying person and their loved ones these final moments are precious.

If the hospital has failes the greiving parties may never recover..I witnessed some inapropriate practice in a surgery, hospital, private practices and even social survises.

All people in medical enviroments need to know about health and safety.

There have to be rules on cleaniness and being careful and this only comes from control

at source. You can not offer excuses in a hospital.

Excuses for abusive treatement, dirty hospitals and subjecting patients to a dangerous

enviroment. Example of a dangerous enviroment....very sick patients shareing an open

ward with a number of drug addicts who are at libity to come and go as they pleased.

Nurses were not only under strain due to being undertaffed....they are not trained to deal with

sudden violence and addictive behavoir.

So no contractors....DIY.
All people working with the sick need to be trained to achieve a reasonable bed side


The contractors taking care of the food for patients in hospitals are interested in

making profit....nothing more.

Patients need a balanced diet to recover for illness.

I have sat down at a big table a few times with a fairly large team at a major, major

HOSPITAL in London...without any answer....except...they are strong, they are a buisness

and they have no intention of you winning.