Lack of transport etc

Trying to finalize my transport too and from the rail station ! All of my trip to Bristol has been organized and paid for but going from Loudeac to St Brieuc (1st journey can be any time on the 13 September but returning on Saturday 22 September is a nightmare. Arrive in Rennes at 1125 and then wait and wait and wait or I go via Pontivy to get to Loudeac. and is a long wait!

I am prepared to pay petrol expenses a quoted by Michelin + 10% as I live nearer Uzel.

Timetables have not come out yet – hence my request assistance. At 72 - a little too old to hitchhike and show off my knobby knes!

Look up BlaBla car.

Ref Transport and BLA BLA - I have contacted them - NO RESPONSE! My return journey is the one that us giving me grief as it is a Saturday - no commuters!!! and it is approaching lunch time and everything stops!