Lady Looking for conversational English Lessons

I have a very nice French lady driving nearly an hour to get to me to talk in English and our free English conversational hour in Capestang. Is there anyone willing to talk and teach this lady to speak in English who lives near Beziers?

I would normally do it without hesitation, but the French moms want to take the summer off from English Hour to be with their children. We will start up again in September with the school schedule.

Let me know. Could be a few bucks in your pocket!

Hi Eva, I am actually thinking of running English kids classes in my village for free, songs, stories etc from September

Hi Rob

I've edited your post to remove the link (we have a strict no commercial links policy on SFN) but it is of course, absolutely fine to tell people what you do and link back to your SFN page where you CAN post a link to your business! hope this clears things up!

Thanks everyone! I have dozens of people asking me to help them, but I am not a teacher. The little ones come over to learn songs and play games with our kids, but once they get older I will need to pass them along to actual teachers. Their parents come over to practice their English with us as well and pay us in bottles of wine. Made some good friends. It is when strangers start showing up with expectations, I get concerned. Plus I speak Canadian English, as most of you probably could have guessed. I will keep these contacts on file.

Hi Eva, We offer coursesvia the Internet in a virtual classroom, have great references and are registered as a training organisation with the DRTEFP. Teachers are all qualified and have a minimum of 5 years experience.

Get in touch if you think we can help. Regards, Rob

Hi Eva, I am near pezenas, happy to help. 25 mins from beziers. Tefl too x

How about by Skype?

Maybe I could help, Eva. If she's willing to drive - I live in Lagrasse which is an hour at least from Beziers, and I am a qualified TEFL teacher.