Lady Lucan

She decided to take her own life and she left everything to “shelter” the homeless
I can only presume that she had decided that her children were not in need of
funds and she could see where the money would be well invested.
We are pretty sure that Lord Lucan ate at our restaurant “Naturally” the night
that he disappeared.He was with another man and they were the first diners at

I take it you were interviewed by the police?

Thought that you might say that.
We only realised months latter that it must have been him.
What could we have told the police?
We did not hear a conversation…we had no reason to pay
any attention the 2 men.

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think its great she left all her money to charity.

Thanks for sharing

Not aware if her children were kind to her but sometimes I feel that
children are far too selfish and expectant.
That is why I enjoy helping animals they really are loving…most of the time.

she might have agreed it with them. they might have more than enough themselves and be happy she is giving her money away like this.

More and more rich people are leaving their wealth to charities with the blessings of their children who are of the age that they see that too much wealth is just that, too much.

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And I feel that this could be applied to the really rich setting the example.

It is good to be comfortable…to get by, to work towards a decent standard of
living .


Our daughter is not expecting any great inheritance… :wink: she wants us to enjoy our retirement…but she has asked us not to leave her any debts…:grin:

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So if you enjoy your retirement I assume that you occasionaly
go away no trips…in your husbands car?

There we would disagree. I think at the end of the day it does come to one point. It is their choice. No one can force this upon someone, They do give money and also they raise money by just attending events for charity.

Their being there raises public awareness and while im an anti royalist in my mind although I don’t go spreading it around, I also see what they can do to help others in the ways that they do. Prince charles kept our local hospital open with his support, can’t stand the bloke but he does good too. Best to keep this topic on lady lucan and the royal family to the royal family too much money post.

Hi Barbara…

Thankfully, we do not need a car to enjoy our retirement… life is great.

When my husband is well enough to drive… yes, we do go out in his car. When he is not well enough… and often when he is in good health… we go out in other peoples’ cars…

Just like alcohol… cars are there to be shared and enjoyed… :grin: but always in moderation…


hahaha, I tell my kids all the time, i wont leave you rich but i wont leave you debt either. Out shopping with kids yesterday, my son saw a toy he really wanted. then he saw the price tag and put it down again. I asked him yuo dont want that? He said it too much money daddy. (in his 8 year old voice with a french accent)

He saw something else within his budget of money and bought that instead. He also wanted to buy himself some new pens for school, i explained we paid for things like that, he said its okay i want to buy them.

(I slipped the money back in hs money box last night and tomorrow i’m going to get him the game he wanted)

We are by no means rich but i do not hold that against rich people, theirs is their money to do with as they please.

For the most part most people with money don’t flaunt it in your face, they are simple folks just like us.

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He is a credit to you… sounds like a lovely kid… :heart_eyes:

We’re off out today… Old Folk’s Christmas Party… thankfully within walking distance… hic

yes he sounds special…I am sure that he loves the dogs.

Do you have any children Barbara?

We are starting to change our thoughts regarding inheritance mainly due to the age of my wife who had the children when she was very young. If she lives as long as her grandmother (who died at 95) the kids will not inherit until they are in their late 60’s so wife’s parents have changed their will to skip a generation which seems sensible.

No Veronique.
Became a restauranter/chef instead.

You must be rich then, I dread to think how much our four have cost us since birth.:wink:

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No Tim…definitely not rich.
When we had the restaurant we just managed to pay our way
and have a holiday here and there.
I do not drive and J was a late car purchaser…just a basic car.
Our restaurant was purchased with a bank loan and our flat was
When I got very ill it was very scary as we had to keep the vat
waiting on one occasion.
To us it was about quality and perfection, I t was only when we
sold our properties that we were really standing on our feet
It depends on the work you do I suppose …I hated paperwork,figures but
I tried to conform to that type of work but hated them I

also I have a problem with sequences and uniting them
I would not be able to drive, follow route directions or follow choregraphy
or use a type writer or computer correctly.

? It isn’t either/or, one can have children and a career/job.

But I’m not entirely surprised by your finding children " too selfish and expectant" , in my experience that is very much a view held by people with no children (who often have certain lifestyle expectations and are quite selfish themselves).