Lady Lucan

Possibly…you may call me selfish …not surprised at that comment.
But you know nothing of my childhood …not that I am about to tell you.
Some times things which happen create a feeling of not wanting children.
Being a female chef can be an either/or situation.
We have discussed the crazy hrs worked.
But have you been a chef?
A teacher works hard but does leave the Lycee or school in the afternoon
at a reasonable hour…they do not often work at week ends and they have
long school holidays.

I don’t think you know many teachers. This could become a pi$$ing contest so all I’m saying is don’t use examples that you know nothing about.


Sorry but you are wrong my best friend was a teacher.
Not a contest.
I know that teachers are dedicated but I do not think they
work the same hrs as I did 16 per day…6 days per week.
Physical work in a very hot environment.

he is not special he has just been brought up to appreciate we are not rich and cannot afford lots of things.

If something is too much money im honest with him always have been, sorry I cannot afford it. quite often I am very happy to go without something so my kids can have decent things in life but i am never going to spoil them. Too many spoilt kids out there already.

Yes he loves having the dogs around, we all do.

Right id better get back to work only one dog in at them moment so im on 80 cents an hour, im so over paid :stuck_out_tongue:

by special I meant special to you…when you love someone they are

I presume that you attended the same church. How else would you have met when you were working 100 hours per week?

Precisely why I became a teacher Barbara. 0745 to 1815 (my normal working hours if no meetings etc) every day is doable without much or any outside help! Obviously those are just hours in school, hours working at home come on top…
My previous job would have entailed handing my children over to someone else for vast stretches of time and I didn’t fancy that.

David you sound as grumpy as ever!
Perhaps a glass or 4 of the red nectar might help.
Or has that already transpired.
Not so easy to see friends or family but you do become
very fond of your staff and we met the customers…
some are still friends.


So many of your recent posts seem to be about money and wealth. Why is that?

Because I see so many people struggle and I wonder what can be done to change that.
I wonder what other people think about this.
I ask about the NHS…
I mentioned Lord Lucans wife …
One of the biggest set backs in life…or perhaps I will be stronger with my words…the
most distressing things in life is poverty …real poverty and we see it every day.
Do you not wonder if more can be done?
Most of my topics have been “air-lifted” from current news items.
Solutions can only be found by discussing the problems.

No, I disagree Barbara, the most distressing thing in life is ill health !

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well without money it is not possible to get to see a doctor.
Well it will be that way very soon.
Also lack of money brings ill health.
Think about it …everything falls apart without money.
It is sad but it is true.
Example someone I know has a cancer…this is third
time it has happened and can the only treatment possible is
very new and incredibly exspensive. and the treatment will take
place in a major city here in France. It will take 2 years and gives the
patient 75% chance of survival.
This person paid for insurance on top of his normal health cover
and is French.
My point is that unless you enough money to pay for essential like
health cover you can not assure good health.
Being in France was a good health investment.

[quote="Barbara_Deane, post:32]
“One of the biggest set backs in life…or perhaps I will be stronger with my words…the
most distressing things in life is poverty …real poverty and we see it every day.
Do you not wonder if more can be done?”

I thought you said elsewhere Barbara that poor people were poor because they didn’t have enough determination and that they just sat in their dark houses being envious (obviously paraphrasing rather than quoting here).

So the poor who can not get up and do things for themselves need help.
Not every one is a winner.
I have also said that some of us are stronger than others.
I have been a fighter…won through several difficult times relating to health.
So I have been lucky to keep finding strength…

If you are really poor (annual income of less than about 13,000€ for a couple very roughly) then you get your healthcare free in France under the CMU-complentaire. If you have cancer then you are covered 100% by ALD.

Real poverty doesn’t really exist in France or the UK. I know this is a generalisation and some people are genuinely poor/homeless etc but if you want to see real poverty then I suggest rural India (or insert 100 other countries here) where people live in man-made shacks with no water, electricity, access to toilets etc etc. Certainly no healthcare to speak off. Posting about Lady Lucan on this forum is hardly going to address that.

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I am not sure how that works Mandy if you have been contributing and paying tax here and then you stop because you can not work any longer. And living on 12.000 euros.
It is not a crime and to mention what Lady Lucan did.
She was helping or trying to.
Perhaps you are right by illustrating real poverty in India and many other countries.
And that is where the rich can direct their bags of gold…or that is one direction.
Look at all these wonderful politicians who laugh at this poverty.
I am not your enemy!

Well, I have never known anyone turned away from health care in the UK because they were poor. Or in France, or Spain either !
Everything doesn’t fall apart without money…money isn’t my God, when I don’t have a lot I go without things, as I expect a lot of us do !
I reiterate that good health is more important than money !


The conditions to be eligible are fairly simple and are, very basically, that you have lived in France for at least 3 months and your income is below a certain level. I know a little about this as we were able to claim this for several years until the rules changed to include housing benefit in the calculations. Now we are just over the limit so we get financial help towards our mutuelle.

I attach a link if you’re interested.

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You’re right Ann, of course. Health is more important than money. What I would give for my husband to be well again…

People are only denied healthcare in the poorer countries of the world. Unless, of course, you live in the USA, which seems happy to deny healthcare to it’s poorest citizens despite being one of the richest countries in the world. But that’s a whole other topic.

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Yes America and Trump