She has arrived, just checking everything out!

Our own Labrador cross was a rescue dog. It took many years before she accepted us using a fly swatter (in the house and for the purpose it was made for!!) without her cowering in a corner! She had obviously been hit several times with one.

It is so rewarding to watch that confidence build and the trust grow.

Hi all

A very quick update - she's now very settled and is happily going into her 'box' (better than basket as a word I think!) on command. We had a wee and poo free night (!) and she is really chilled out.

Loud noises still terrify her and yesterday James got a clean pair of jeans out of the wardrobe, he shook them out as you do and the ends of the jeans 'waved' within a couple of feet of her. She ran off 'screaming' - that really was the only word to describe it. I have never heard a dog make such a noise. The poor little thing has obviously been really battered at some point.

So all I want to say is...if any of you can re-home another rescue dog, please, please do. I haven't had a rescue dog for a while and you can easily forget just how many mistreated animals there are in the world looking for new homes.

What can I say but what has already been said. A true success story. Lucky Lafayette she will never know how lucky she is. G x

Welcome, Lafayette! You couldn't have found a better home, I think. Lucky you and lucky Higginsons.

I know - she did admit to being tempted to tell me that she had run off this morning (!)...

Please do thank her again for delivering and reassure her that she is in doggy paradise xx

You almost didn't get her, Anne-Marie fell head over heels for her, but she already has 2 dogs!

Thanks should be to you for giving her such a good home!!

She is great - thanks so much Lynn for facilitating this. There's a donation to C de Q in the post.

We are sooo pleased with her and Mischa already loves his new girlfriend. I've promised Anne Marie more photos so will keep snapping away!

Congratulations on your new arrival! She looks absolutely beautiful and she has found a really loving and caring home. Very happy for you all!

We are told that she is super lovely, very gentle and loving, so it is wonderful to see her at home with you.