Lamb meat where to get proper lamb meat

Do any of you guys now what part of France if any part that has good lamb meat, because I can’t find it anywhere the lamb meat I can buy here in the sw of France don’t taste like lamb to be fair don’t have any lamb taste at all I wish I could buy even frozen from New Zealand whole taste better then the crap they selling around here

Find a farmer who breeds them.

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Intermarche Chef-Boutonne sells NZ frozen legs also Super U

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We have farm shops that sell meat direct from local farms, often organic but not always. I would be surprised if there wasn’t one somewhere near you, so if lamb is produced in your patch then they will sell some. Or look for a Turkish butcher and buy mutton.

Also Netto, usually cheapest and Carrefour.

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All lamb is grass fed, some if brought in for fattening before slaughter, but NZ is good, too many to bring in .

Not sure I understand “too many to bring in”?

Yes lamb is outdoor reared, but that doesn’t mean it is organic or entirely grass fed. A lot of the cheaper lamb that you buy early in the year has been grain fed (albeit outdoors).

And NZ lamb is fine, but it’s a long way away so environmental cost high. Look for Brittany agneau pre-salé which has grazed on salt marshes for great French lamb.


I have tried all of them already I don’t get that wild game taste that I’m just too

Too many to bring inside!!

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I bought wonderful pre-sale lamb on the Isle of Oleron.
You can get it from Romney Marsh too and Romney sheep are excellent.
Spread around our family are trophies and silver that my grandfather won with his sheep.
I have a wonderful coffee pot inscribed " PRIZE, presented by George Hadfield, Manure Manufacturers,
LIVERPOOL, Season 1896.
I bet his lamb tasted good!

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Get your usual suppliers to send you some. I’ve had great lamb in the Limousin and the Dordogne.


Staying with the g/f’s daughter and s.i.l at their big finca on Majorca we had an indoor BBQ on the sitting room fire. Lamb chops non pareil. Supreme flavour.

When all gone, Miguel asked if we’d like a couple more … “Yes! Please!”

“How did you like those?” Difficult moment … “Well, not quite the same flavour as the first lot” [i.e. tasteless]

“The first were from the animals here on the farm. The second lot were bought in the smkt”

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If you want lamb to taste wonderful - any lamb - just slow roast it.

Surely, the taste(lessness) will very much depend on what the lambs have been grazing / been given to eat ? I would agree with you generally, that most of the French lamb I’ve ever eaten has been pretty tasteless, the best I 've ever had was from Normandy, salt-marsh fed. Remember that the grazing uplands in France do not have the same climate as Wales, Scotland, England (I can’t speak for Norway) or even New Zealand, and that necessarily affects the quality of the grass they eat.

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Then talk to your local butcher about whether he ever hangs a carcasse for a bit longer. That will improve flavour and generally I fimd french meat is often not hung long enough.

I had a conversation with a customs officer at a restaurant not far from Calais and I mentioned that UK meat seemed to be hung for longer and he said that they are bound not to hang their meat for more than 14 days. I said that I could get 24 days hung meat in a supermarket in UK and he was astonished.
He also said that they had a family butcher and there was always some meat set aside for themselves.

Hyper U now has and “ageing” cabinet and sells meat aged for 30 and 45 days. Mainly Aberdeen Angus at an eye-watering price!


I can’t afford (decent) lamb.:persevere:

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Thank God the lamb I’ve eaten doesn’t have a game taste, I hate that.

Well if I went to a restaurant and ordered lamb and it tasted of game I would be wanting to check what was in the kitchen…

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