Land lord demanding 10,000EURO au tribunal

We rented a house last year expecting to stay there for a few years, however, the house wasn’t comfortable to live in so we gave our notice before the first year was up(as we had paid 1 year up front)

It was rented through an agency and so on the last day we had the owners and the agency around to do the "Etat de Lieux"

The landlords we knew had a reputation for being difficult and so we had a feeling it would not be easy but we didn’t realise exactly how hard it would be!!..

We didn’t sign the Etat des Lieux as we were rushed through it and we couldn’t read the agents french scribble, so we thought best not…

Not really a problem as the document came through after him comparing the Etat des Lieux when we had moved to when we left and the list was relatively short although exagerated as i had spent a week cleaning even on the last day which was my son’s birthday and to my mind it was in a better state when we left than when we moved in!!

It was a surprise not to get our deposit back that day but on asking we were told that it could take up to 2 months to get it back.

We accepted this but wrote a couple of letters to the owner telling him how we were waiting for him to send back our cheque de caution.

Meanwhile, just before Xmas, he sent to me a demand for 10,000EUROS to repair all the shutters and to repaint inside and outside the house and many other things.

Since then we have found that all the neighbours dislike him and he is being taken to the tribunal by one and another had a demand for 12,000EUROS from this guy for the droit de passage when he inherited some land behind this property a few years ago

Not only have i not got my deposit back but i have a court summons at the tribunal on the 14 june regarding this 10,000EUROS and do not understand everything my lawyer is telling me.

I feel so alone in this french law system and with 4 children i cannot afford to loose so much money like this

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Well yes, i know and accepted that but in the meantime he sent a recommended letter asking me for 10,000EURO.
A friend sent me a cutting from the Connexions newspaper that stated 40% of tenants do not get their deposit back. I think this means that there is extra money to be made by these french landlords and that is not fair.
It cannot be that they demand whatever they want!!!
Thanks for the contact details, will try that,

Hi Lisa

Assuming you’re living in Seignosse in the Landes department, you could try contacting this consumer organisation:

UFC-Que Choisir de Mont de Marsan
Maison René Lucbernet
BP 186
Tél: 05 58 05 92 88 / Fax: 05 58 05 92 88

They will certainly be able to give you some advice and maybe put you in touch with an English-speaking expert. You may have to join the organisation to get the full range of help they provide but it’s probably worth it.

You could also try contacting the nearest British Consulate (Bordeaux?) to see if they can help track down an English-speaking adviser/lawyer.

British Consulate-General
353 Boulevard du President Wilson
33073 Bordeaux Cedex
Telephone 05 5722 2110

It is indeed a fact that the owner has two months to repay the deposit and this can be extended in certain circumstances.

Dear Lisa,

If you have any copy of documents from your lawyer, I would be happy to explain them and determine your legal position. You can find my contact details on my profile.

Kind regards,