Land maintenance

Does anyone have any advice on finding a contractor to make hay in the Pays de Loire region please?

I am aware one has to be very careful. Not to inadvertently loose land by allowing others to use it so an thinking a contractor, employed to do a specific job might be the best answer, at least while my attentions are on the house and barns. I won’t be there full time yet, hence extra caution. Thsnks

Do you intend to keep the hay or “donate” it to the farmer who cuts it?
I think the expression “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” applies to a certain extent here.
Farmers can be canny people and know how to manipulate circumstances to their favour but if every time I asked a paysager to cut my grass I risked loosing the land to him - well, it just doesn’t work like that.
I think no favours. Keep it a professional relationship and not a “loose ended” arrangement and you should be fine.
I know of one case where it was “loose ended” - the farmer “paid” by supplying a decent bottle of something (as opposed to him paying a proper fee) and that’s where the problem arose…

I will keep some and if more than my needs donate the remainder to an animal sanctuary…
Hopefully to avoid likely problems

Just make sure any arrangement is well documented.