Land prices

Please can anyone tell me the best place to find out the price of land. It is non constructable land but not agricultural land - it is part of our garden and someone has approached us to buy it. Its about 2000m2

Thank you

It varies from place to place. Grassland, which is anything not being cultivated, here is only around €3000 the hectare at present which is back down to 2006-07 prices. Yours is about a fifth of a theatre, so here it would be €600. However, in other parts of France it might go up to €6000 but that would still only be €1200. We are trying to buy a strip of non-constructible land next to us. The owner, the 'developer' I have mentioned in the past, originally asked €65,000 for the same size piece of our neighbour because he had a CU at the time(which actually means next to nothing) but he is now willing to offer €1000 for the whole lot then let us have the bit we want for €300 since it is less than a third. So, I think the difference is really between what land is nominally worth and what people are willing to pay that is steered by what the owner imagines they can get. At the end of the day, it is not very much.