Landes Region and Eco/Green Schools

Hi All!
I’ve been looking into French Schools and was hoping someone could give me some direction. Are there any Eco or Green Schools in the Landes area? I’m looking for a cool surfer village to possibly move to, but it would be great if there was a great school in the area. We like the Eco and Green schools because the teaching is quite new age and not so regimental.

Thanks Dave

If you want a new age, eco, green school (I am assuming more than just the usual recycling and organic meals in the canteen) France is quite possibly not the place for you.

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HI Veronique - Yes they are def more that just recycling and organic meals LOL! - There are a few of them around - Paris and Northern France. I’m just checking in to see if anyone knows of any others closer to the Landes area.


Check this site out…looking at the map it appears you will need to come more inland - not so good for the surfing. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Thanks Tracey - Big help! so much info on that site and YES!! …very far from the surf :frowning:

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Just to warn you, an eco ecole, even on Freinet etc principles, is very different from a school with a similar name and ethos in an Anglosaxon context.