Landlord wants to sell

We’ve lived in 14 for almost two years. The rental contract and l’etat des lieux were arranged through a local agent, with agent, landlord and us conducting the detailed inspection. The
rent has been paid on time every month to notaire appointed by the landlord.

Now she says she has to sell for financial reasons. We don’t really want all the upheaval of moving and finding a new place – I’m not in the best of health. Looking around the web, the rent seems to be in line with the market, but what are the options? Is there much of a market for apartments with sitting tenants?

Borrowing rates are low, you could always ask for a bank loan and buy it, paying the same as you would for rent. If your landlord sells to someone else it might be more complicated for you.

If a landlord wants to sell up, the locataire must be offered the first choice on buying.

Hi there Ken

If you really want to stay where you are… perhaps you might clarify whether or not you have “protected rights” sort of thing… whether or not you have the right to be a “sitting tenant”… for whoever buys the place.

It may well be that you have no right to stay there … if the Landlord has fulfilled all the obligations necessary according to your Rental Contract.

As Geoff suggests… you may have the right to first dibs at buying the property…and if you are seriously considering doing so… why not speak asap with the Landlord/Notaire… (whoever is involved)

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You certainly have the first refusal on purchase , and the price has to be in line with other local properties; if not you can appeal to a commission. As has been said, the repayments may not be much more than your rent.

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I don’t know if the rules are the same for a private property as a commercial one, but I rented a shop for a couple of years and was told that if the owner wanted to sell (she was elderly) she had to give me first refusal and a portion of the rent paid (I can’t remember how much) would be taken off the price.
Good luck.