Languages and Elitism - this video will make you laugh!

Hi all

My first impression upon coming here just over 3 years ago to marry a French surgeon, is that the French never stop criticising. Elitist and perfectionist (well, at least in my french word - a surgeon is a fully paid-up member of the élite by default) - I got quite depressed at the thought that whatever I did, it would never be enough. Not just in learning French - but everything - would I ever BE good enough?

Happily, the younger generation are more balanced. For those who've made headway in their French, here's a video to make you giggle. I like the bit where he waxes lyrical about the French language (to cover his lack of ability in speaking English) - then spouts a load of "Kaira" (hoody) language. tee hee.

For those whose French won't allow them to watch, this ado/twenty something is having a humourous rant about those who proclaim themselves to be bilingual French/English and attempt to make others feel inferior (while actually making themselves look like a twit).

There is humour in France after all!

Apologies if you can't understand the French - but I hope you appreciate the "gesture" that this kind of thing exists (i.e. the French are sometimes as fed up as we are of being made to feel inferior!)

Happy Monday!


I always thought the Brits had the upper hand when it came to complaining. When I lived in the UK everyone complained all the time. When my father died, every neighbour around us found something to complain about, about us, and I assure you we are quite normal. Here everyone leaves you in peace. When I wander around my local town on market day and hear piped music in the street I think this would not be possible in the UK as everyone would be complaining immediately to the town hall - the same for the all night open air discos at the village fêtes or on 14th July. In the supermarket, if someone is being slow in the queue I am the only one to look impatient, everyone else is too polite to show it. OH's are a different matter of course. People are always judging you in the UK.

I could have done with subtitles. Same on the street sometimes.

i Andrew, The gender of about 80% of all French nouns is predictable. It is the "terminaison" that determines it.For example: La condition; la concentration; la beauté; une université. Of course there are additional rules and none is very difcult. For example: infinitives are masculine: le manger, le dîner. A lot of métiers" have a masculine and a feminine and in spoken French it is the ending (the consonant is pronounced) that makes the difference.Le boulanger/la boulangère. A useful guide is the distinction between male and female first names: F.Françoise [z]; François [wa];Jacqueline [ine]; Jacques, etc. Hope this helps, Adrian

He is shy and hesitant,, it will take time but he is determined to get there.

Very funny, and so true!

I'm an English teacher and I have to remind my students regularly they don't have to be perfect to speak!!

Did you see the show last Friday when they were all on M6 - Cyprien, Norman, Julfou etc. It was very funny in places but also resembled an ado school show in others.

Glad things are better for you. :)

Where are you going to take Grade 8 piano? I didn't think the French had that system.

Norman's great. I've watched many of his vids, and he seems to manage to hit the nail on the head on each subject.

I know what you mean about the never being good enough. I was married to a surgeon and got the same treatment. Then he found a young French partner mark II and I have no trouble feeling good enough without him. The French elite live in a very mean-spirited little world where they despise anyone who is not one of them. My ex-h is very good at despising.

Brilliant! Haha…nicking it! :slight_smile:

Loved it. Will show my kids.

mdr ;-)

Yes, definitely funny. At the weekends we are having an 18 year old visiting to get his English better. I missed this last visit, but his first one two weeks ago found him telling us that French isn't cool which is why he wants to know more English. I wonder what he will make of this? I'll give it a whirl next weekend.