Languedoc Artists


I am am looking for some Languedoc artists to interview for a magazine (English language). Please let me know if you are interested in being interviewed. No money in it I'm afraid - I'm not paid. But publicity is never a bad thing!

Also - am interested in anyone running art/painting courses - whether for local people or for holiday things, for listing purposes - please let me know if that applies!

Not sure the best way to do this though - answering this message probably the easiest in the first place and we can take it from there.

For no reason at all I have attached a picture. You can ignore, admire, abuse as you feel!!

Hi David,

I am an English artist living in the Herault, so if you are still looking for people to interview, you may wish to contact me. I have two web site that may help. Take a look at and

regards Nicola

Hi David. My husband Henry Blackmore might be suitable for your magazine. We also run painting holidays. You can contact me on

Kind regards, Sheila.