Languedoc (Gard) - Electrians and Plumbers required


We are hoping to move, within the same village (Vauvert, 30) shortly, and since I can no longer do the 'bricolage' I used to think nothing about doing (install lights/ceiling ventilators/washing machines/ washing dryers/dish washers and general work of this nature) due to ill health (I'm cardiac with an implanted defibrillator) we need to find a 'general' guy who can do these things, paid, of course.

Let me know if you think you can, via this Site link, and we can discuss it.

Thank you.

We also will need 'sturdy' hands to help with the removals! There isn't a lot we are keeping, but it is from the 3rd floor down! A transporter van would be good, but we could probably arrange one as well.