I would like to get a laptop and have heard that Asus is a very good make. Does anyone have one and would they recommend it?

Hi Tracy

Thanks for your advice. I too was thinking of an Asus. My daughter has an Asus 1225B which is small and compact but my friend bought a slightly bigger one which she seems happy with. Basically I want it for all the things you listed in your other post but am not sure if I want a CD/DVD drive or not as I know this adds to the weight. I think a tablet might not be suitable for my requirements.

Must get it soon as I may go to the UK and need something to take with me!

Hi Louise,

Had the same dilemma recently so decided to abandon the desktop (complete with Vista) to the family and bought an Asus laptop - am not an impulse buy person so did lots of research, including on here and am very happy with the ASUS for what I paid!

I figure it all depends on what you want to do with it, if cost matters and if you are brand conscious. Am very happy with Windows 7, it works for me and after being bitten with Vista (bought the last desktop in May 2007 so no choice) will always wait to see if new stuff works before buying now!

Am hanging for a tablet now but torn between the Kindle Fire HD and the Galaxy Tab 2 10" - more research needed! Any advice welcome - I love to hear everyone's opinion then will make a decision based on what is best for me.


OK Brian, it was the geeks who sneered at the Acer, and it still works which gives it probably the longest life of any laptop I have had so far, so not disagreeing with your argument. Computer nerds know things we flesh and blood beings do not. Just repeating that on the side of safety.

The USA launch was August. The online reviews appear to have knocked it for reasons you touch on such as versatility, VFM and so on, but one of the questions is whether the glitches that Win 7 has will knock on. One reviewer commented, probably quite rightly, that at a time when the hardware could easily become slightly cheaper, is whether this will push up the price simply because so many people will buy new and that means there are large profits to be made. I'll wait to see. I need to replace desk and lap in the foreseeable future and am curious to see what really does happen. As for the styling argument, in general that has improved when people think back over the last decade or so, as you say comfort zone issues.

Not salespeak, I have yet to venture into a shop.

Yes, Steve got it in first. People in professions use HP, Dell and Toshiba more than any other laptops of which, going to some grotty places as my OH and I have done with work, the reason we have Toshes is that despite their hefty weight they travel best. Sounds like salesspeak to me.

Who told you that Louise, a Asus salesman ? A lot more will be using the more well know makes such as HP or Dell. What really matters is the support you will get, are you going to buy locally and rely on the shop for support ? Or will you be using the manufacturer ?

I have windows already on my fixe but want a portable one that is light and I can easily take with me if I am on deplacement and need my files. Asus is meant to be good as I believe it is used by industry

Our computer geeks who do repairs, services and so on are offering hand built systems with XP! They are complete nerds who know the whole business inside out, trainspotter perfect, and say that XP is the last Windows operating system that actually functioned properly. They looked down their noses as if I had the plague when I took my Acer with Windows 7 in for a service. So Louise, probably avoid Acer.

Personally I prefer Dell as it is easier to personalise what you order but I have helped out a couple of people who had Asus PC's with virus problems and found the machines to be OK

And windows 7 is a complete but slow moving behemoth.

Windows 8 is out since mid-August but the reviews have been condemning. I have never had an Asus but a couple we know both have them and they are nicer looking and lighter than our Toshibas at the very least.

When is Windows 8 out? I don't really want to wait too long.

I would wait to see if you are compatible w/ Windows 8.