Large Rental house wanted

150m2 of house, for 2-3 years (whilst building of our own house happens) We would like 2 sdb/douce, 4 bds, no electric radiator heating. with Garage/cave for stockage. garden. Country not far from village / town (ideally). Excellent references from existing landlords (we’re renting 2 places + storage) Bank guarantees and references too. Wanting to move by October. Please get back to me or pass my email on to anyone who has something that meets these criteria. Within 75km of the corner where Drome (26) meets Vaucluse (84) and Ardeche (07), Gard (30) is also good…

Have you tried Leboncoin? Link attached. Hope you find something soon.

I’ve been looking since February, there’s plenty far from here…

Still looking.

Thank you


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We may have a suitable house come October - but it is double your distance away from Gard than you would like. Certainly be Christmas anyhow. Tarn (81).


Thank you Carl,

Sorry not to get back to you sooner.

You are right the Tarn is a bit far for us.

Best wishes