Laser eye surgery infographic

Have you had laser eye surgery, does this infographic accurately represent the full picture. Is it effective for everyone? What are the pros and cons of such surgery? Would you undergo such a procedure or feel safer keeping your prescription specs?

Via: King Lasik

I never worked out what I spent exactly on lenses/liquids/specs over the years so can't comment on that one but I had lasik three years ago. I had been short sighted since birth and always found wearing glasses/lenses very 'inconvenient' especially for such simple things as swimming, taking a shower and switching to glasses for driving longer distances in case something flew into the lens or general tired eyes.

I attended the presentation, took on board all the info about possible infections, not being allowed outside plus wearing sunglasses indoors for a week (this was Malta - bright sunshine and bucket loads of dust), drops etc for weeks.

Weird smelling part of your eye burn during the procedure but, having prepared myself beforehand and feeling almost completely calm, stayed completely motionless with eyes fixed and whole lot was done in 10 or 15 minutes.

Of course, being my "age" I think my eyesight is changing again naturally so already need reading glasses but for what it's worth the very short time I've been able to enjoy seeing things in their full glory, playing 'splash' in the lake with my kid without screaming about 'not in the face' in case I lost a lens, being able to step out of the shower safely because I can actually see where I'm going, too many other things to list, bloody marvellous and I wish, wish, wish I'd been able to do it years ago.