Last Big Push

I am back home in Madiran from sunday for my last big build before we move in for good,only 6 years later than planned.sorry wife dear.Anyway this time round i have help from 2 dear friends one a builder who can find a solution to just about any problem,the other a part time builder who has spent the best part of the last 2 years renovating his house and next door (now 1 house)who has the enthusiasm to push me over the edge while we are there (thank god for wine)

Anyway we have walls to come down floors to raise and windows to replace my biggest problem i think has been arranging all the materials to turn up on time when most were ordered way back in the summer which went well problems occured when i wanted to increase my order strange now even allowing for tax rises how the summer prices on ballast are way lower,maybe they made a mistake.

anyway posting this to ask for best wishes and luck because if we dont get all this work done my life will not be worth living when i try to explain to kate why

Phew Bryan, When I read 'Last Big Push' I thought oi oi, someone's got a flat battery in the Land Rover..but no. GO FOR IT it's all down hill from now on.

Only 6 years it took us 9 from purchase to moving in

Bon courage, Bryan!