Last day of Summer, First day of Autumn

Here in 87/16 we have had two very contrasting days…29 hot and dry yesterday and blowy rainy and cooler today. Just for laughs, can you share with us how you spent these two days.

I was in the country yesterday planting shrubs and sipping coffee with the neighbours. Today I was in Bellac, mooching about Lidl and Netto.

How did you mark the end of summer and start of autumn?

Well a few days ago it was holiday mode...the British plates on cars still charging through

the countryside and their delight of shopping in Leclerc still being heared as you pass through

the store.

But just a day on the golden and rusty shades of Autumn are apparent and the harvesting

of the grapes has begin. The cool mornings of picking and the sounds of the machines marching

through the vines like desperate monsters.

The vendage is a sign that summer is over.

Yesterday I was cutting dangerously low hanging branches off the walnut tree, cutting back the grape vine and putting the parasol thingy away because I knew there was a storm forecast. But it was pretty muggy and I ended up in desperate need of a shower. Today I got my shower for free as I was racing around trying to stop the tarpaulin that was sheltering the car from flying up into the tree, picking up the walnuts that had blown down onto the grass and yelling at the cats and dogs whether they wanted inside or out because they expected the kitchen door to be wide open as usual and the house was cooling down fast! All fun and games in 87!

There’s a camp joke in there…

It was a bit dark and wet, but I assume they were there. Otherwise somene in Availles will have woken up to a new tent this morning.

Lol. I shouldn’t laugh. But the thought of branches made me. At least you saw the teepees at St Martin L’Ars.

Hi Kwashie.

I'm just down the road from you in Confolens (at the weekends at least). We had a lovely day Saturday, game of golf and then a communal meal.

Sunday we had a real quiet day and very noisy night with the thunder. I drove up to Poitiers at 5.30 this morning, branches all over the road.

I have a stinking cold, rheumatism is hurting my broken shoulder badly, my children are protesting about going to school in the morning and I am off to Bordeaux tomorrow for the SFN gathering. As they say - mustn't grumble, it could be worse! In fact, we are pretty well set up for real autumn and winter so I might even say, when it really happens in a month or so here I should enjoy it.