Last SF Site Update

Since the last update to the site a few days ago things seem to have taken a step backwards (suggesting that an earlier improvement has been overwritten).
Before the update, If I opened the thread listed in another window, on closing the window thereby returning to the underlying one, it will have updated and no longer show the number of new posting flag.
This doesn’t now seem to happen and in order to clear the flag, it requires F5 (refresh) to do so.
Is it intended to continue in this way?
It was an annoyance before it was fixed and now it has returned. :slightly_frowning_face:
I’m using FF 71.0.1 with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Must confess I was just a little startled to see a number alongside a topic… seemed to start a few days ago… and only ever one subject leaving the rest (which have updates) merely “in bold”.

Just had a blue dot appear alongside a new thread by Paul… have I won a prize???

No ideas from the centre on this?

I wonder if the blue dot indicates that the post includes a link

The blue dot denotes a new topic - hover your cursor over it.

Use a 'phone, don’t have cursor, unless it’s my :-1:? :smiley:

Otherwise :+1:

One change that I note is that it is no longer possible to see who liked your posts. Hover over the number of likes and it just says “1 person/n people” liked this.

Are you using a mobile too Paul? Cos on my PC it says “1 person/ people liked this."
when hovering, but when I click on it, up come all the avatars/profiles of anyone who liked the post.


No, PC

That explains it :smiley:
If you want to see who has liked your posts, click/touch on your profile and then on notifications >likes and you will be able to see everyone who has liked your posts.

OK, yes that still works.

It works to click on the like for most posts but there is one in the energy consumption thread with 1 like where it doesnot work, and that post does not show up as liked in notifications.

I assumed it was all posts - but it looks like there is just something about that one which is “wonky”.

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I did wonder, as I have just tried my tablet and the likes worked when “touched” strange it’s just the one post :thinking: Is it from someone that you have muted? :wink:

Being a tolerant sort of guy I have no-one muted. :slight_smile:

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JJones liked the info you put, about how to tell EDF the meter reading

is this the one you are querying…??

No, a later reply to Robert - which is no longer showing a like (perhaps it was unliked but the system was slow to stop showing the original like?)

Well, having spent many years in IT and handling upgrades to software, I can tell you that this latest update is as though an external developer has an older version of the package and thus has re-introduced an old “undocumented software event” (aka a bug) when fixing or introducing something new.
It’s bleeding sloppy “spaghetti coding” (you need to have watched early episodes of The Sweeney with Regan and Carter to understand how that works :wink:) and poor version control.

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Still no progress on this then…