Late Payment

So… I have received this morning my Taxe D’habitation bill (am resident in the UK) for my house in the Launguadoc. Payment is required no later than the 15th December.

Hmmmm… as I have received it on the 16th and I don’t have access to the TARDIS, I feel its going to be a late payment. Does anyone know if they are allowing a little leeway on dates or if there is anything I can do to plead mitigation?

Thanks, Chris

We found in the past that there’s a few days’ leeway. Pay it today and unlikely to be chased.

We now pay by prélevement as that way you get an extra 10 days or so.

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Ok, thanks. Fingers crossed!

If you go to and get the payment sorted it should be OK, as Jane says electronic payments get an extra 10 days grace (to avoid stress you can also set up for auto-payment next year if you are confident there will be enough in your bank account).

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Hi Paul,

Yes, will do it that way. Thanks for your help.

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I’ve found the Impots pretty understanding Chris.

I hope you kept the envelope with the date postmarked on it. Good advice also in France when receiving rather tardy insurance renewals. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: