Latest on Lévothyrox -July 2018

How are you all doing with your medications ?? All OK now ??

Yep, doing great thanks. Very happy to have found L-Thyroxin Henning and all my symptoms have disappeared. I have had to increase the dose a little but no idea if that is because of the change in medication or just the evolution of my condition.

Anyway, the lesson to learn is to get your TSH checked if you have changed your medication as a result of this fiasco in case the new one is having a different effect.

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that is good news Mandy… :relaxed: and very good advice !!!

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Yes i agree L-thyroxin Henning has no side effects for me. I have a blood test every 6 weeks and change the dose accordingly.


not sure how this is panning out… some folk are getting paid damages…

Not sure where this is going… are they simply repeating past mistakes ?