Latest rises in cotisations and insurance matter

Are you putting the charges onto your clients with regard to the increase in cotisations this year and secondly if you had found out that one of your clients does not carry insurance for his translation work what would you do?

I am at the stage where quite frankly with the decrease in work, the risks associated because of this client and the cotisations and the cost of the internet for my work, tax habitation of 68 euros a month that quite frankly this works out at roughly on 27 hours a month (at the moment) at 7.15 net euros an hour. For the interruption in my life and so on I am seriously considering giving up - anyone else in the same boat? I am in receipt of a pension and think I will just have to really tighten the belt and get something back in life in other ways.

When you say your client doesn't carry insurance for his translation work - how does that affect you? Would it be rude to ask what line of work you're in, as without knowing it's difficult to say whether or not you're in a position to pass charges on.