Latest update on what will be changing (financially) in 2018

I’ve been wading through this… what it states here is now “set-in-stone” … for next year anyway… :wink: there are some winners and some losers… and some of the incentive grants are being removed… :zipper_mouth_face:


Does anyone have any ideas on this part … “En revanche, amener sa voiture diesel d’avant 2001 à la casse permet de récupérer une prime variant de 1 000 à 2 000 euros selon son niveau d’imposition.”. Does this mean that I don’t have to try and sell my '97 diesel Discovery, which is now surplus to requirements?


In an attempt to lower the emissions… there is a scrapping-bonus on offer, this is means-tested… and is only available when you are buying a car, if you have an older car to turn-in…

There are criteria to meet… but it is not simply the case that you can take an unwanted car to the Breaker and get the sums quoted by the government…Oh no…:roll_eyes: unless someone can see something I have missed… (not impossible)

I was already aware of the “trade-in” deal for older cars – not really applicable to me as I don’t want to buy a car. This caught my eye as it sounded like you could just “sell” it for “scrap”. It does sound too good to be true!

Of course… you can always sell your car for scrap… but … for how much… ??? maybe… not a lot…

but it could still be cheaper to get rid of the car (for a small sum) rather than continue paying the Insurance and Control Techniques …or whatever.

This article may be useful …

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