Laundry service

Hi, the first time I have asked a question, although I often use the site for info. I have a large Gite that I rent out in Normandy, we have at least 2 of all the bed linen, but it is such a pain getting it all washed and ironed. Wondering if there are any companies that do a hotel type laundry service and any idea of costs?

I believe what you need is a Blanchisserie. Maybe do a search for one in your nearest town. Some will collect and deliver.

Hopefully others will be able to confirm.

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Thank you, I will do a google search

Quite often I see someone advertising locally…on the little white cards pinned on the noticeboard at the supermarket etc…

Might be worth taking a look next time you go shopping.

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Good idea, at the moment we are using a Gite management company, but I believe even for them it is time consuming and was just hoping to find a professional laundry service, the sort of company small to mid-size hotels and restaurants use, there are plenty in the UK just can’t find any in rural Normandy

Ah… yes… professional would be more suitable then.

Ask your neighbours… we are very rural, but our nearest town has a laundry service (also laundrette). You do need to drop off and collect.

I would have thought there would be something not too far away from you…

give this a glance- might be useful - no idea.

quite often where there is a Dry Cleaners there will be a Laundry not far away.

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Thank you.

Or les pages jaunes.

Yes, tried that, but sadly it looks like there are no companies near to the house.

Where are you? I looked in the pages jaunes and there are 79 of them listed, surely there’s one within half-an-hour’s drive?

“at the moment we are using a Gite management company, but I believe even for them it is time consuming”
I think your best option is to find a new management company as having 2 companies involved in a changeover can get complicated.
Have your current management company said that laundry is a problem? If so then they are not doing their job. Or,is it you who just think it is a problem?
I ran a gite management company here for 9 years and such a company should offer the full package or it becomes very messy.
As you are not on hand you really need to find one company to provide the full service or you will be piggy in the middle with the gite cleaners and laundry people blaming g each other and a gite that is not ready for guests.
Don’t shoot the messenger!