Lava Rocks in Fosse Septique

2 years ago, was the last on-site visit I made with SPANC. On that occasion they insisted that the Owner put a grease trap for the kitchen, another for the bathroom (opposite side of the house) and yet another for the gîte kitchen/bathroom.

After much discussion, it was agreed that all could go into one big grease trap… and then on towards the fosse.

this is what appears to be happening in your situation.

But, each situation is different and, just maybe, putting all your waste water through the one GTrap is not efficient.

It’s very difficult to come up with certainties/answers. Only SPANC will be able to define what is what. They’ve already suggested that the filtration system may not function as it should - so why not have them in for a chat about the whole set-up??? (next time you are over in France)

Our kitchen waste has a different route to the fosse than the bathroom waste - it was designed like this so that the kitchen waste could go via a grease trap whereas the toilet/bathroom waste do not go via this route. (In the end no grease trap was installed as deemed not required)

Hi, welcome some advice please. I’ve just had our Fosse emptied and cleaned by a professional contractor. They explained that the volcanic rocks were past their best and offered in replacement a sack containing black plastic disc type items that were left, in the sack, in the bucket from where the volcanic rocks were removed. They advised that these should be washed twice a year. My French is not bad, but in case anything was lost in translation, does anyone know if leaving the discs in the hessian type sack in the bucket is correct? I’m keen to avoid a problem down the line if I haven’t properly understood the instructions. TIA.