Le Beaujolais Nouveau 2022

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I’m amazed that this con is still a thing. It’s close bedfellow (in con terms) is bottled water.


expensive drain cleaner…


years ago… there would be a special event in our local… great fun… sometimes I liked the BN, sometimes it wasn’t quite to my taste… but, as I say… the event was always fun…

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We still have a beaujolais nouveau soirée in our foyer rural, with about two bottles of the stuff between 50 people. And then other wine! It’s an excuse for an event


Exactly so! In the late seventies the Savoy Hotel parachuted some chaps onto a barge in the Thames with bottles (and bottles) of the first release direct from France on the third Thursday in November. I remember thinking it was a bit chilly for a chilled fruity wine but frankly, in those days I’d merrily drink anything if it was a party. :crazy_face:

Quite a good article on the history:

Clearly, a marketing success, if not a vintage one

Hideous hangover the following day though.

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I’ve only been “ill” once, the day afer a binge (naughty me). I’d drunk sherry… couldn’t take even the smell of it for many years after that…

In my early 20’s I got drunk on neat gin (no tonic available) at a new years eve party in the flat above mine as they’d run out of beer :roll_eyes:
Typical student party scenario in Brum.
Didn’t touch Gin for years after… even the smell of it made me heave :face_vomiting:


Like @Stella - my downfall was sherry. Very ill at Victoria station. Mind you, I worked for Distillers in the 1960s and stayed at their residence in Grangemouth. The drinks trolley (spirits) in the lounge was free and limitless, of course. I was very naïve. The gin and orange didn’t do much for my appetite at breakfast the next morning. All my (much hardened) work colleagues happily tucked into a full fried breakfast!

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Oh sherry! There was a bar in the common room at the sixth form school I went to which served beer to lads over 16. When we girls arrived, all 6 of us, they decided beer drinking was unladylike so we were only allowed sherry or port in large schooners. One can get a lot drunker on sherry!

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We love our sherry. I had a mixed case for my birthday. Time to order another soon, one of which will be Marsala, for cooking.

Last week in Granada at an interesting neighbourhood bio shop I bought some organic fino made in Cordoba. It cost €7 a litre and was poured straight from the barrel into a one litre screw top fruit juice jar. I’ve tasted far worse…

In case anyone is interested in looking at some other analyses of Beaujolais Nouveau, this article makes a few good points.

Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall and Billy Butcher’s 12ft ladder doesn’t appear long enough…

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“not a wine to discuss or contemplate,” but “that doesn’t make it bad wine. It’s different from structured, more subtle and nuanced wines.”

but it still tastes like dishwater except with the proviso the more you drink it, the sooner you get rat-arsed and the better it tastes consequently :sunglasses:

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worked for me without any issue…

Were you using a vpn as 12 ft ladder doesn’t work for me on French sites?

was that for me @JaneJones
If so, no VPN in use here - just Firefox vin ordinaire on Linux…
and I also tried the 12ft ladder link and it doesn’t seem to work for me on The Local.

That’s puzzling. I saw it fine without logging in anywhere :thinking: