Le Chateau de mes reves - M6

As lovers of French architecture and particularly Chateaux we are thoroughly enjoying this programme on every weekday evening between 5 and 7pm. It is an incredibly interesting insight to living in and managing these magnificent buildings and the owners are sharing their experiences and introducing us to their families. Watching this a delight and gives us a lot of joy and pleasure and we highly recommend it. All episodes can be found on M6 replay l believe.


Also “Renovation XXL Bienvenue au Chateau”
following the exploits of Dick and Angela Strawbridge for those who haven’t seen it already;
Every Friday at 9pm for those who have Channel 25

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This has nothing to do with Brits doing up old Chateaux, purely about French families and their exploits. This evenings programme was the last in the current series and was full of joy and love, so much so it brought tears to my eyes. Take a look a tell us what you think :heart_eyes: